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Hello. You've made it to my blog. Congrats. ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。
I'm Madeliefynana and just your 'ordinary' hobby artist.
Everyone should know by now that I'm very slow with tags, mostly because of some personal reasons.

Tagged by~ :iconxxsasukeouchihaxx: Ah. Ne~ Sorry Nyan-chan, but I was perhaps just to lazy to answer the questions or I didn't liked your questions haha jk But anyways I did it you should be glad somewhere that I at least did it and not deleted it. Kano Smile Icon 

1. You must post this rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 fact about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. 
4. Chose 5 people and put their icon in your journal. 
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can't say that you don't do tags. 
8. You MUST make up journal entry!

1. I act like an aromantic who is disgusted by romantic love~
2. I'm actually a demiromatic. 
3. I made someone feel lonely.
4. I did a mbti test and it came out as INTJ. I'm not sure about that, but to lazy to redo.
5. I'm secretive.
6. I wear glasses. 
7. I deleted most of my journal entries.
8. I love Izaya from Durarara!! (in the light novels more.)
9. I hate Izaya from Durarara!! 
10. I lie. Now figure out if I made any lies here in the fact list~

1. What is your favorite game?
Ah, then well board games where you have to use your brains, for example checkers. I've never learned to play chess though.

2. Where would you be if you were trapped in the anime world?
I would have no idea. "Trapped" sounds more like I would be in a world were I prefer not to? I wouldn't use the word "trapped" If I were in a place where I want to be.
So to answer your question. Which world I would prefer not to be in would be attack on titans. 

3. What is your best drawing?
None... really.

4. What kind of advice would you give to a friend?
Depends on the problem. Though who said I would give them any advice. Don't get me wrong, but somethings are just not in my reach.

5. Do you do sports of any kind?

6. Ohoho. Do you ship anything?
I ship my old nintendo someone who needs it. Nah. Joking, but ship as on OTP. Kinda, not that much though.

7. Favorite song?
All kinds. I just don't have one.

8. If you had to be one.. what creature would you be? (ex; Werewolf..)
Being a creature has benefits, but that just means that humans would rather stay away from more or experiment on me..So I would rather be not?
Besides I can't come up with any mythical creature right now. 

9. Have you ever been scared by anything? If so, what was your scariest moment?
Yes? Don't we all get scared? Scariest moment? Why do I have to talk about it? Are you some therapist? 

10. What would you do afterwards if you ever achieved your dreams?
Continue to do what I dream of? And don't new dreams always come? Because some humans just can't get enough and want more? (even if you're not that 'type' you would still come up with more dreams, no?)  I would probably come up with more dreams, but you know some dreams should just stay that way and can't just be achieved in any way soon or whatsoever. Besides aren't some dreams better to stay dreams? 
Doesn't it feel nice to be dreaming at the moment? Fantasizing about it? To let your creativity on the run~. I'll leave that up to you~ 

My questions
1. Favorite genres for any series? 
2. What is your MBTI? 
3. How would you NOT describe yourself as in three words.
4. What do you wish you were better in aside something related to art? 
5. What is your most treasured possessions and why? 
6. Which of the four seasons do you hate the most and why? 
7. Do you know any big rumor? 
8. In which Hogwarts house would you be in? (Some quizzes here Pottermore Quiz without logging in  Another quizz here )
9. What are your thoughts on the trolley problem?
10. Is Orihara Izaya trash?

 :iconxxsasukeouchihaxx: :iconxafrenia96: :iconlacesdreams: :iconninjaloot2u: And..that's it. Fuck the rules~ Izaya Spinning 

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